FXE Technologies offers a suite of digital SME lending solutions that enable banks, brokers and lenders to instantly triage customers against underwriting models while transforming customer conversion and engagement. 
FXE Technologies works with more than 80 banks, lenders and funders including Tier 1 banks and boutique lenders.

Our suite of SME lending solutions transforms digital customer experiences, reduces operating costs, increases look-to-book ratios and delivers insight into in-life portfolio trends. 
Our technology and analytics solutions are transforming customer conversion and engagement while setting the standard for monitoring lending portfolios.

Transforming customer engagement and delivering insight into SME lending.

White-labelled intelligent tools deployed as a service.

Deliver the benefits of digital transformation without the risk of complex and costly technology projects.

Eligibility and affordability assessment configured to lenders’ own risk models.

Streamline operations based on screening deals or portfolios and update risk models in real-time based on 200+ eligibility criteria.

Real-time insights fuelled by validated, transactional data.

Deliver real-time insights from Experian CAIS, Equifax Insights and CCDS data enables eligibility and affordability assessments.