Built by funders and brokers, for funders and brokers.

Single point of access to all funders through one log-in.

Connections to Open Banking, CRAs and accounting platforms.

Live updates from funders on proposal status.

Close more deals and focus more time on client relationships.

Spending less time entering proposals and more time closing the right deals with the right funders.

Instantly checking proposals are within appetite of funders without a hard credit search.

Supporting team growth by providing easy to follow guidance on funder fit and proposal structure.

Maintaining complete control of, and access to, all customer data at all times.

One system for all funders, deployed as stand-alone or integrated into existing portals.

Launched in collaboration with leading innovators in commercial finance.

More deals converted.

Get more deals funded faster with proposals supported by rich background data.

One log-in for all funders.

Single point of access for submission of proposals across a broker’s funders.

Inbuilt compliance.

Easily demonstrate compliance with TCF regulation and capture of customer consents.

Grow sales teams.

Supported by tools that drive consistent execution.

Live deal updates.

Live dashboards providing deal updates and funder notes.

Free access to data sources.

Leverage our relationships with CRAs, management accounts and Open Banking providers.

Lending. Digitised.

Simple, fast proposal submissions.

A simple process to create and view proposals for all funders on a brokers’ panel. By providing a single form that’s  adaptable to the deal parameters, the broker only needs to enter the relevant information once.

Straightforward compliance.

Demonstrate compliance with FCA regulations, GDPR, etc. SmartFinance Hub makes it straightforward to comply with the industry code of conduct, Treating Customers Fairly, FCA Rules and GDPR with an evidenced audit trail.

Simple set up.

Connect to SmartFinance Hub in the way that works best. A broker user portal is offered to enable getting started with no integration required. Alternatively, API connections are available to connect to existing proposal, CRM and workflow management tools.