BCR grant winner, Funding Xchange, leads the drive towards SME lending digitisation with the launch of FXE Technologies.

Publication: Funding Xchange

Funding Xchange has been a leading provider in the digital assessment of SME lending applications since 2014. Leveraging this experience, Funding Xchange has created a platform which delivers assessment of eligibility and affordability across products. FXE Technologies makes these digital solutions available to banks and lenders to instantly triage customers against underwriting models while transforming customer conversion and engagement.

FXE Technologies today, is providing white labelled solutions to a range of customers including Tier 1 banks and boutique lenders. The application of the solution suite enables these clients to realise a number of key value drivers, from increased conversion rates in the front office to optimised visibility of risks and opportunities in the back office.

Chief Commercial Officer, Ben Sher commented “As the financial services market continues to diversify, lenders are challenged to meet the growing digital experience demands of customers while facing into the threat of technology enabled competitors. FXE Technologies provides banks and lenders with easy to deploy tools to maximise customer conversion and reduce portfolio risk while delivering an experience to the end customer that secures stickiness in the relationship.

Customer insight is at the heart of everything we do, pulling in data from multiple credit reference agencies, management accounts providers, open banking, payments data and accounting platforms. All delivered within business applications that consume this data to yield customer insight relevant to the business context, be it pre-origination triage, portfolio risk assessment or broker driven intermediation.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Funding Xchange, Katrin Herrling commented, “Seeking out opportunities in an uncertain time requires greater insights into businesses’ trading and payments performance. It is clear that there are attractive lending opportunities in the market and unlocking these will require digital capabilities to be able to identify and deploy funding efficiently. The use of real-time data to understand how businesses are performing is becoming even more important in these times. This is where FXE Technologies comes in to deliver digital capabilities to the SME lending eco-system.”

The FXE Technologies solution suite can be viewed at: http://fxe-technologies.co.uk/fxe-technologies/